Sunday, March 27, 2005


This weekend was awesome. Friday I went and had a massage (which wasn't all that great), and got my hair cut, color corrected and high lighted! Then went and hung out and had dinner with Amanda Friday night. Saturday was the girls day in Boston for Hot Pot. It was soooooo good, it was pretty funny to watch them with chop sticks. We had a great time just hanging out, walking around and drinking Starbucks. Then it was back to Michael and Rebecca's house for ummmm a surprise going away party for me. Yup it was actually a surprise! It was so nice to see everyone. There was Amanda and Jose, Michael and Rebecca, J.D and Erin, Claudio, Heather, Missi, Adam and Nate. It was such a laid back good see pictures click here! (check out the going away album)

Monday, March 21, 2005


When I got accepted to school I decided to move in with my dad and step mom to save some money. So during this last move I figured why bother to keep everything I own, like my dishes, pans, glasses (you know all the apartment stuff) its just going to sit at my dads in boxes for at least the next three years. So I thought why not give it away...and well Nate was the lucky person to receive basically a whole kitchen worth of stuff. I did however keep a few things, like my Henkel knives, and my collection of rice bowls. Some of the bowls are very important to me and some were really cheap from the Christmas Tree shop. I thought I would ship them to California so I would at least have something to eat on when I get there. So I pack them up in lots of bubble wrap and ship them off. Not such a great idea. Sara got the packages today and well some of my bowls, only one that I really cared about and two of my rice bowls/tea cups from China were broken along with some other ones that didn't matter as much. The three that I really cared about can't be replaced. One Sara and Jay got me for Christmas one year that had chopstick rests built in and its just awesome, and the tea cups are from China...need I say more. Guess that means I have to go back someday to get some more. But what really stinks is that I have odd numbers of bowls now. I no longer have a set of four but now three, and instead of ten small ones I have seven!!! I like even numbers. But at least my bowls from my dad didn't get broken.

I had to call and put in a damage claim with Staples/UPS. They might have to go to my sisters place and inspect the boxes and damaged items, so I had to call Sara back and make sure she saves the boxes and all the pieces for about a week. I'm a bit sad and upset right now. Sara had a great idea to do with all the broken bowls...make a mosaic out of them!

Ooooh I can't wait for Friday. I'm going to get my massage, so excited. Then on Saturday, its off to China Town and Boston for one last "Girls Day". I'm craving soy milk and hot pot! (but not together). Would really love some Peking Duck too but I won't be to greedy. And maybe some shopping, who knows.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Time is running out

Wow. To think eight months ago I was thinking about applying to schools, six months ago I actually applied, five months ago I got accepted, now I only have three weeks left of work. My emotions are started to get mixed. Sad to leave my family and friends, excited to do something new and what I've wanted for many years, scared of starting all over again all by myself, nervous of being on the flip side of my current life.

Well spent the day with my little sis and step mom. For Christmas Sara, Biz and I each got a charm that dad bought us when he was working at the Cape. So today we went and bought some beads so we could make her necklace before I left...all my beads are in Cali so I'll make mine when I get there.

I shipped some more boxes to Sara and Jay's. I think I have only two more to ship, but I'll do those right before I leave.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I GOT MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited. Its awesome...I just need to learn how to use it. Of course when it comes, it doesn't come with a memory card, so I figured I'll just go to WalMart and pick one up, not so easy. Seeing as this is such a nice camera I decided to actually read the manual (well, parts of it) and I can only use specific cards with it, and of course they don't sell the ones I need at WalMart. So I had to go on a hunt...finally found one at Best Buy and let me tell you, they aren't cheap. Dad and I are planning a day to drive around and just hang out and take pictures before I leave, like the good old days, I can't wait.

Now its on to trying to figure out what kind of lap top to buy. I'm usually one of those people that knows what I want, I go in, buy it and then leave. It's not so easy this time, because I know nothing about Mac's. Thanks to Ryan's help I have a better idea on what to get, now I just need to buy it!

Well only a month left of work...only 23 1/2 more working days. Wow.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I hurt

Ok weekend recap first...This weekend was really good. Got to hang out with Dianne on Friday night and Saturday. We went out to eat for her birthday and then on Saturday went to her gymnastics meet...She did awesome, placed 3rd all around. This was the first time I have ever seen her to any of this...Have to say, I was really impressed. Then we went to Aunt Mary's surprise party! It was nice to see the family and spend time with them and the kids, kind of sad at the same time because its probably one of the last times I'll see all of them until Christmas.

On Sunday Dad and Sue let me order my camera and one of the two lenses I need for school...Oh I can't wait for it to come. I should get it either Friday or Monday. I'm so excited. I have to order my other lenses next weekend. Dad and I are going to go out one Saturday and drive around taking pictures, like the good old days.

Well I have no idea what I did but I hurt my lower back really badly. I was thinking it might be fibromyalgia, but not sure. I feel like a little old lady (actually I look like one when I walk, I'm limping). So I went to the doctors and got some x-rays, they aren't sure what's up, so they gave me some muscle relaxers! Not a fan of these, last time I was on this one I passed out at school. So I think I've learned my lesson and called work tonight and said I wouldn't been in. I hurt so badly, but I'm starting to get sleepy, I think its from the meds. Hopefully this stuff will knock me out, I haven't been able to sleep lately.

Sara~Easter stuff is out you know what that means? Cadbury's Mini Eggs! :)