Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playing Catch Up

© jenny s manseau 2006

So its been two weeks since my last post, I'll try to catch you up to speed...

I went to the doctor's onFridayy the 14 hoping to get some answers because I was still getting sick every time I ate is my answer: a Parasite! (named Peter ~by my brother in law Jason and Pedro ~by Mondo). I got a parasite from eating some bad food (Chinese) and ended up getting to different meds to kill it. Not a huge fan of these meds. They smelt bad and tasted even worse. I had to take them twice a day for a week and have to be on this kind of strict diet for two weeks (only two more days). I felt like I was livign out side of my self on these meds, not a fun feeling.

Mondo graduate last Thursday. A day of mixed emotions: happy for him that he is done with school but sad to have to say good bye. He is the first of many to leave...hopefully it will get easier as time goes on, but it won't be the same here with out him. His family was in town for the graduation, it was awesome to meet the rest of them and be able to hang out and spend time with all of them. Such an awesome family! Thursday night was a little party at our house for him.

Saturday was the concert! The Subways, Head Automatica, Angels and Airwaves and Taking Back Sunday...ahhh where to begin on that.

The Subways were pretty good, but were on first so had the shortest set unfortunately. Head Automatica was up next...ya pretty much sucked. Angels and Airwaves (who we originally bought the tickets for, and were slightlydisappointedd once we heard theirCDd) ended up being pretty good...I liked them better live then I do theirCDd. The best set of the night...Taking Back Sunday! Great performance, sound, name it, it was good. They played all the songs I wanted them to play and at the end did and acoustic version of "Divine Intervention" was great. Was getting kind of bored and was hoping that they would make up for it and they was well worth the money spent on the tickets.

Now for the other aspects of the night:
We get there and our tickets have seating assignments on them, and then we are informed "oh there aren't any assigned seats, its first come first serve"....Sweet we thought...floor seats. So we go find a spot and sit around for a bit. I start to look around and think, "man I feel old" least I wasn't the only one feeling this way so we went and grabbed normal seats, which ended up being pretty good seats.

There were a lot of younger people there, like high school age kids, which is fine but let me just say if my daughter ever walked out of the house looking like some of these teenagers did I would ground her for life. At one point in the night I said "I feel over dressed" who would of ever

I apparently missed the memo on how to dress for the night:

To: All girls/chicks trying to get a guys attention at a show or trying to get the band members attention
Re: What to wear to a concert and how to act for you to be noticed...

~You shortest mini skirt...even if you plan to crowd surf...what could be better than crowd surfing in a mini skirt?
~Your tightest t-shirt that rides way above your belly button...or better yet a bra will do
~A tank top that goes lower than low
~ Any combination of Red, White, Black, Stripes
~If you wear a white shirt/tank don't forget the colored bra
~Dresses with no backs to them
~Even if you don't have the body type for this, oh that is total fine just as long as YOU think you look good
~Please only sand up and try to dance to our music in thebeginningg of our songs
~While "dancing" please twirl your hair and look around to see if anyone is checking you out
~Even if you have no idea who we are and what we sing please come and keep the rest of the audience entertained between sets!

No much exaggerationn all honesty!

Then the ride home...oh what an adventure. I hate the signs in California...there aren't many and if they are there they suck. Trying to find the highway again was just stupid...Dustin didn't want to stop and ask for directions (it goes against his man hood) so said i would go ask...instead he pulled up to some guy "his boy" and asked him. These are the directions we got: Turn around, go left about three miles and go west...sweet, but what sinkin ways is WEST??? We ended up find it and were now on the hunt for a Denny's. Found one a few exits down and pulled off only to find out buy a security guard (since when does Denny's have a security guard???) that they were closed until 4am for "cleaning". So we drive on some more and find another one with the crappiest service but what ever we got food, and that is pretty much all that mattered at that point. All in all it was a good night, good laughs.

So far this week not to much has happened...had my bible study on Monday night. I got an awesome shirt from my dad and stepmom yesterday in the has to be one of the funniest shirts I have ever seen! Its got a picture of these lobesters driving around in a car looking for a "Lobsta Bah" taking in a New England/Boston accent, and heres what the lobsta's are saying: "Pahk tha cah!", "Who Fahted?", "That's a Wicked Pissah", Irregahhless there's tha Ba", "I need some had licka", "I'm bangin-a-ueey" and the tag line is "Local Cuisine with a spicy accent"....I guess if you aren't from there you probably wouldn't get the humor in this shirt but it made me laugh really hard!! My little sister also sent me a rock with two turtles on it from her trip to Colorado! Shes so sweet.

Tomorrow is a pool party...wooohoo then on Saturday I have another wedding to photograph! Hope it all goes well

Hope you enjoy these stories...

"You are everything I want, 'cause you are everything I'm not" Taking Back Sunday

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sick of being Sick

© jenny s manseau 2006

I'm sick of being sick. It's going on almost a week now that I have been sick like this. Last week had some nasty Chinese food (ahhh my favorite) and was up all night getting sick...figured it would pass but it hasn't yet and I'm going crazy. No matter what I eat doesn't settle well with me. Last time I felt like this was when I was in China and had foodpoisoningg...I can't wait for this to pass. I have a doctors appointment on Friday, so hopefully I'll get some answers out of it.

Off to bed

Monday, July 10, 2006

Desire of My Heart

© jenny s manseau 2006

One of my hearts desire is to mix my photography and missions. Oh how I would love that someday. To go where ever I can take photos and share them with people back home, and maybe just maybe move, inspire or even help someone along the way. Well I might have that option soon enough...In January there is a missions trip to thePhilippiness that I would love to go on and am praying about. I hope I can go...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Half Dome
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Ahhhh what a vacation. No planning, just relaxing.

Left Friday after work, drove up to Groveland,CA where our "cabin near a lake" was at. Get there around 10:30 and there are these huge houses...we must be in the wrong part, these are no cabins. Well turns out we weren't, our cabin ended up being a three bedroom house!!! Talk about sweet, I had a king size bed all to my little self, so nice.

So Friday night as we are driving around this place looking for the house I had to pee so badly so Heather and I pulled over to the side of the rode and I went...hoping and praying the guys didn't turn around to come find where we were...thankfully they didn't. Next day we are driving out and not even two seconds from where we pulled over is a portapotty (how ever you spell those nasty things).

Saturday we hung around the house, went to the beach watched the boat parade...went back to the house and hung out some more. Played casino, of course Chris won!

Sunday...YOSEMITE! Beautiful. On the way up we were in a little bit of traffic so of course had to pee again...rand across the street and down the hill a bit, came back up and all the cars were moving right along...saw everyone else pulled over to the side so i ran up to them...think I might of gotten posion ivy or oak...which ever is on this coast.

Yosemite is amazing, minus all the people, traffic and crazy traffic guards who were text messaging instead of paying attention to traffic it was amazing. Pictures are posted at: I think the highlight for me was just being there, taking pictures in the same place that Ansel Adams took many of his famous shots. Wow. Got to see Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and had lunch at Vernal Falls.

Monday we headed back to the beach for the day, just kicked back and realxed...played more casino, Chris went home Monday night and the rest of us left on Tuesday.

Awesome, relaxing trip over all. Got to see different sides of people, wich is always fun and interesting!

Last night watched the fire works up at DLI and then came home to watch the Boston fire works on sad I missed it this year but, what can you do.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
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Happy 4th of July from Monterey...Doesn't really compare to Boston, but its what I've got!

Will post stuff about this weekend in Yosemite soon...