Friday, August 19, 2005


Congratulations to Sara and Jason...the Parents to Be!

On August 17th (Their three year wedding anniversary) I received a phone call at 3:00 am and I knew what it was about before I even picked it up. I had the hardest time sleeping that night and a hard time going back to sleep after I got the call. I was beyond excited. I couldn't yell or scream because like I said it was 3am. I am extremely happy for them. I expect another one of these phone calls in about eight and a half months telling me she is in labor and I need to hop on a flight and fly back east to welcome my new niece or nephew into the world.

I am so excited about being an Aunt. I can't wait! This would be make my parents grandparents, wow. This baby will be the first great grand child on my mom's side of the family!

Well I will be moving up there with them in only two more days! Which I guess is good timing so I can help Sara pack up their place and get things ready for their move back East while Jay finishes up school. Crazy how things work out huh?

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I have been living in "beautiful southern California" since April now, and I would give a lot just to have a day that it would rain. I don't mean that little drizzle stuff but a real rain storm. Maybe even a thunder storm and most of you know how much I dislike them. But I mean come on now, it hasn't rained once in four months. This isn't normal for me.

My friends from class took me out to eat last night to say good-bye. It was Holly, Tim, Daryl and Barry. Barry and I were talking outside of starbucks about this and how it is driving us crazy. You know how in Seattle it always rains and people say I could never live there it would make me depressed? Well its kind of like that feeling. For the past few days it has been grey skies with out a glimpse of sun. Back home, this would mean it was going to rain, here it means nothing...just grey skies! I miss the smell right before its going to rain. When I hear the Yellowcard song, Back Home (lyrics listed below) it basically sums up life in southern Cali. It gets old pretty quickly. Maybe that happens just about everywhere I don't know, maybe I feel like that because its not "home", and its not my usually comfort zone. I'm looking forward to this move. I miss a change in weather. I miss rain. I think I can live with out snow, but rain?

After dinner some of us went to the Ventura County was ok. It costs $7.00 to get in and then you have to pay for everything else in there, didn't get that really but. Then Mandy and I hung out for a bit and watched a movie and on the way home it started to drizzle...not rain but drizzle. I guess I'll take it if that is all I am going to get.
Don't know what I was looking for when I went home, I found me alone
And sometimes I need someone to say, "You'll be all right. What's on your mind?"
But the water's shallow here and I am full of fear, and empty handed after two long years

Another sunny day in Californ-i-a
I'm sure back home they'd love to see it
But they don't know that what you love is ripped away
Before you get a chance to feel it

Back home I always thought I wanted so much more, now I'm not too sure
Cause sometimes I miss knowing someone's there for me and feeling free
Free to stand beside the ocean in moonlight
And light myself a smoke beneath the dark Atlantic sky

Another sunny day in Californ-i-a
I'm sure back home they'd love to see it
But they don't know that what you love is ripped away
Before you get a chance, before you get a chance to feel it

Everybody here is living life in fear of falling out of line
Tearing lives apart and breaking lots of hearts just to pass the time
And the eyes get red in the back of your head, this place will make you blind
Put it all behind me and I'll be just fine

Another sunny day beneath this cloudless sky
Sometimes I wish that it would rain here
And wash away the west coast dreaming from my eyes
There's nothing real for them to see here

Another starry night in Californ-i-a
I'm sure back home they'd love to see it
But they don't know that what you love is ripped away
Before you get a chance, before you get a chance to feel it (back home, yellowcard)

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I take it you all have read my e-mail by now. Thank you for all of your encouraging e-mails and support.

So now I'm packing...again! As much as I hate it, I have to say I'm pretty good at it by now. I don't have as much stuff this time so its a lot easier and I am taking my time with it. I'm excited about this move. I'll be staying with Sara and Jay until I can find my own place. I need to find a job too, but I have an idea of places to apply to when I get up there. Jason K said I could store my futon and bookshelf at his place until I get my own...Thanks so much. I really didn't want to have to get rid of it just to spend more money to get another one.

Besides packing and just kicking back (what a life huh?...I'm so bored with it right now). I have been working on my website. I've had it for a little while now but never did anything with it. I figured I have the time right now to at least get it up and running. Its nothing fancy...I don't know much about doing these but it works so I guess that is all that matters. Eventually I'll be selling prints off of it too, its just going to take me a little bit of time to get that all set up and get the supplies to make the prints and mat them! If you get a chance check it out

Well I guess I'm going to go and get some more stuff done around here.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Picture This...

Some of you have asked to see some pictures that I have taken over the past few months, and I am sorry this has taken me so long to get up. I couldn't sleep just yet so I figured I would go threw my photos and pick some out for all of you. Some of these were used for class assignments (not many of them) and the others were just me messing around, or weren't good enough for my assignments. I'll try and update this more often with pictures, hope you enjoy them!

AIDS Life Cycle, Ventura, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Seth Dvorin Cross, Santa Barbara, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Kelly Rangel, Santa Barbara, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Memorial Day, Santa Barbara, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Toy Truck, Ojai, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Flowers, Pacific Grove, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Calm, Pacific Grove, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Worship, Spirit West Coast, Monterey, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Cars, Malibu, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Malibu Fishing Pier, Malibu, CA/©Jenny S Manseau 2005

Barry/©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

Boats, Monterey, CA/©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

Sunrise in Monterey, CA/©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

Pacific Grove, CA/©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

Monday, August 01, 2005


I spent the last week up in Monterey clearing my head and hanging out with Sara, Jay and their friends. My main reason for going up was for Ryan and Jenny's wedding, which was awesome. It was so nice and beautiful. We had a little party for Jenny on Wednesday night when I got there, it was awesome. Sara had a chocolate foundue with fruit, so good. We played some games, well I took the pictures. The first game was really cool, they broke up in to three teams, the mothers, the sisters and the friends and each had five minutes to make Jenny a wedding dress out of toilet paper, sooo funny.

Thursday night, Sara and Jason were on the ministry team for Spirit West Coast, and I have been wanting to go to this for so long, but couldn't really afford the tickets right now. But Sara got a call from a friend of hers saying that someone was selling tickets for $20.00 for the day (which they are normal $40.00 for the day), So Sara and I went and picked up a ticket for me for Thursday night so I could join them and then we turned around and got to more for Friday so we could go and see Mat Kearney, Mute Math and David Crowder! So the three of us went on Thursday night and when they were doing their ministry work I went walking around to all the vendors and talked with a guy from Wycliffe Ministries for a bit.

Friday, Sara and I spent most of the day there. We saw Mat Kearney, Mute Math and David Crowder, all were awesome! We met Mat Kearney and got our picture taken with him (ya, we're dorks, but it was fun). Mute Math put on such an awesome show and David Crowder was awesome.

Pete and Debbie VanDuyne came up from Texas to visit Sara and Jay so I got to see them too!! Sara and I hung out with them yesterday and went to Pacific Grove.