Thursday, July 28, 2005

Venice, L.A. Santa Monica, Santa Barbara...

Well I'm back up in Monterey for Ryan and Jenny's wedding this weekend. I came up a few days early to hang out with Sara and Jay and just kick back and relax.

Lets see, what's been happening since I last updated? I've had a few assignments due for class, so I went down to Vince Beach, Santa Monica Pier and L.A. to do some shooting. Had an awesome time down there. I remember going when I was little but didn't remember anything about it, but it looks just like all the pictures you see. Crazy people doing crazy things and tons of little shops all along the "board walk". The drive down there is beautiful on the 1. It goes right along the coast and all you see is people pulled over, laying on the beaches and surfing. We ended up pulling over for about an hour or two and I laid out and got a tan. The sun was right above us so it wasn't great for taking pictures and we needed to kill some time. What a better way to do it?

After going to those three places I still needed some shots and a bunch of us were heading up to Santa Barbara on Sunday to have a cook out on the beach again so some of us decided to go up earlier and take some shots. Julia and I ended up at the Zoo and where we go there people were driving up in limos and there was a huge event going on in the center of the zoo. You had to have an orange band to get in and instead of asking how to get one, we just walked around it for about an hour wondering...finally we asked and ran to get one. It was a benefit for the Dream Foundation ( (all we noticed were the free Jamba Juices). So after we get our tickets and they give us the list of events for the rest of the day we read it over and see that Brad Garrett, Cris Judd, Bruce Jenner, Harry Shearer and Elizabeth Pena are going to be there!! We got to see Cris Judd give hip-hop lessons to little kids, and take pictures of everyone. It was such an awesome time and a great cause.

So now I'm here in Monterey, just hanging out, relaxing, and clearing my mind...

©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

©Jenny S. Manseau 2005

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weeks in Review

Ok so its been a while...about two weeks I guess since I last updated this. Well I had two weeks off of school, the first week I just hung out here in Ventura and kicked back and relaxed a bit. Not to much exciting happening around here. I hung out with some friends and waited until Sara and Jason came back to this coast so I could go up and visit them for my send week off. On Sunday the 3rd, went to church, had a cook out, went swimming at a friends place, then Mandy and I came back to my place and I cleaned and took out my trash before I left the next day to Monterey. We went and ate at the Hungry Hunter, where Brian works. Oh my it was so good, and I ate way to much food, so we went for a walk on the beach after to walk some of it off. We ended up meeting up with Raymundo and started a fire on the beach and watched the fireworks going off (some random people setting them off on the beach), there were tons of fires going that night. After that we ended up at Denny's just sitting outside and talking for a couple more hours and as we were getting ready to leave to more friends showed up and they were actually going to get food so we joined them. Denny's was crazy that night...The Warp Tour was down the road earlier in the day and a bunch of people were hanging out there, and they were under took us about 20 minutes to get water. I think I got home around 3:30 and started packing for my trip the next day.

I had to be to the Santa Barbara train station around 12:00 so we went a little early so I could go to the camera shop and get my equipment for this next session...they ended up being closed. I had been trying to call them for about four days with no I know why. So as we (Mandy, Raymundo and I) are sitting on the benches (there is an over hang where the benches are) something flies on my head and decides to stay everyone is laughing and I'm smacking this poor thing on my head thinking its a bat or something, ends up being a little bird learning how to fly...I'm surprised I didn't kill the thing. So I finally get it off and try to get it to fly back where it came from.

The train ride was interesting to say the least. I felt like I was at a taping for a soap opera. There was this one couple and her daughter in front of me that was just going at it the whole time. I mean full force cussing, wedding rings being thrown back and forth, crying, drinking, promising to get off the train at the next stop (they always got back on!!), it was a sight to see let me tell you. I had to get up and walk around quite a bit, I just couldn't take it any more. The guy kept yelling "Security" "Security"...nothing ever came of that. Becky called me from Boston (thanks so much for calling! I was so bummed that I was going to miss that this year). The train was 2 1/2 hours late but I got to Monterey just in time for the fireworks to begin. The just started going off when I got dropped off so I ran to Mike and Alicia's dropped my bags off, and ran down to the beach where everyone was. Ok so the fireworks out here don't even compare to the ones back East! These lasted for maybe 10 minutes, but I was happy to see some.

Sara and I got to hang out for most of the week, but Jason had started school again so didn't get to spend tons of time with him. Sara and I stripped a table and started to mosaic it with broken pieces of pottery from my bowls I shipped out and pieces she had donated to her. It looks really good so far. I got to babysit Jonathan! I was so excited to do that, and it gave me a chance to take some more pictures of him, which I put together a DVD for Mike and Alicia of pictures I had taken during my last couple of times there. Jenny, Sara and I went to Bubba Gumps restaurant, pretty good stuff. Went to their College and Career group on Thursday night and got to see more of their friends. I'll be up there again in a couple of weeks for Ryan and Jenny's wedding! Sara, Jana and I went beading one day. And I feel like I am forgetting so much, so if/when I remember it, I'll update this.

Jonathan ©Jenny S Manseau 2005

I came home on Saturday and the train was running about 1-1 1/2 hours late to begin with, then they got a call saying that someone had jumped a fence north of San Jose and got hit by the train, so it could be delayed another 3 or so hours. If we were going to Santa Barbara, which I was, we had the option of taking the bus. Best decision ever. I think I would much rather take the bus both ways next time. Granted there is no food or much room to walk around in but it go there so much faster than the train did. Even with running 1 1/2 late I still arrived in Santa Barbara at my correct time.

I started my second session on Tuesday of this week. I'm only taking one course which is Understanding Light. So far so good. Its really technical but I really enjoy this instructor so far. His name is Brent Winebrenner ( )(shoots a lot for the Lonely Planet) and we have Rick Rickman sitting in on our class ( ) (he has shot for Time, National Geo and more). I have three assignments due by next Tuesday at noon, so I'm waiting for the clouds to go away so I can start shooting some of them today. Class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 am - 9:45 am, its killing having this class so early because last session my earliest class was at 11:45 am and my other class was 6:00 at night.

Anyway going to catch some Z' I said I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of stuff from the past two weeks so if/when I remember I'll let you know and I'll upload some pictures soon.