Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I GOT A JOB!!! (and a boyfriend)

I finally got a job. I just heard back yesterday about a job I applied to a month ago and interviewed for last week...Admissions officer at MIIS, Monterey Institute of International Studies. The start date was listed as December 5th, which means about three more weeks with out a job, my health insurance and benefits wouldn't start until January 1st but they knew I didn't have a job right now so they changed their minds and I am now starting tomorrow! I can't wait to actually be working again. To top it off, the pay is great, not complaints there that is for sure. So I'll try to be better at updating this and will let you all know how the first day goes.

Oh I have a boyfriend for all of you who don't know yet...yup me actually has a boyfriend. I know its been a good three years or so but it finally happened. He is awesome. His name is Dustin, and he is just great. Makes me laugh so hard and treats me great. I went with the youth group to southern Cal for a week and when I got back there were flowers on my bed...and this was even before we started dating. I'll have to put a picture up here eventually.

Well I'll be home for Christmas...from December 17-29th, so hopefully I will be able to see a bunch of people....see you then!