Monday, August 25, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

I'm not sure if I wrote about this before but sorry if I have.

On my way back from visiting Sara, Jay and Jed over Christmas, I got suck in Germany for two days. I guess around here there was a crazy storm going on and flights were getting canceled so I called from England to make sure mine was all set, they said it was. I took the bus from Sara and Jays at 4am for a two hour ride to the airport, I asked again and they said yes my flight was still on (they also told me I was allowed two carry ons...a carry on and personal item, they lied, i ended up throwing a bag away, sad sad moment). I FINALLY go threw security and checked AGAIN about my flight, actually I checked twice and a third time at the gate. According to everyone my flight from London to Germany was all set, and my flight from German to San Fran was also all set. They lied again. I landed in Germany only to find out that the night before my flight was canceled from there to San Fran! I ended up getting stuck in Germany for two days, with no luggage.

My flight the next day was canceled again. I ended up getting a later flight. I finally land in San Fran only to find out I still have no luggage. Normally I wouldn't of minded so much but I had brought back from Italy some fresh pressed olive oil, some pasta and dried mushrooms along with some beer from England. I called United every day for a week until they finally caved and gave me some miles and a travel certificate! I ended up getting my luggage about six days later with little damage.

They started with $150 in a travel certificate but that wasn't good enough for me and my 15 phone calls, so I ended up with $400 in travel certificates. I bought my ticket home for Christmas on Friday and only had to pay $129.00 out of pocket...thank you very much United.