Sunday, March 30, 2008


I always complain about the lack of music (ok, good live music) in this area. You either have to drive to Santa Cruz, San Jose or San Francisco to hear anyone half way decent. All of which aren't too bad except when the people you really want to see are playing during the middle of the week (which happens ALL the time). So when Heather called me two weeks ago at work and said that some radio station around here was giving a way tickets to see Augustana at some secret show, of course I went right to that website to see how to get these tickets. I sent them an email...about a week later I heard back saying I got two free passes and I'll be on the "guest list", ha. Mind you the place they are doing this secret show is at Doc Rickett's some place down town that I would never step foot in due to the high volume of country music played and very interesting crowds. Just not my type of place. Seeing as Augustana was going to be there, how could I resist?

So come last Wednesday night we go, get in line (oh wait there wasn't a line!!), get my name checked off the guest list with my plus one (heather) go inside and have a seat. The crowd is ummm lets say not what I would of ever expected. Lots of people who didn't know who these guys were, a bit older (no offense to anyone reading this but I'm sure you are all wondering who the heck Augustana is anyway). At one point I really wanted to go up and apologize for the lack of people there. The radio station didn't do the best job with reaching their target audience thats for sure. And Dan and Chris are probably thinking how sucky Monterey is. People are sitting around whispering if the two skinny guys in tight jeans that look like rock stars (oh you know the type I'm talking about), are part of the bad...obviously they are. So I go up, introduce myself and say I'm a photographer, mind if I take some pics during the show, they are all cool about it. The set was a bit short but I'll take what I can ged, and it was ALL acoustic! Ahhhh. And yes they played "Boston"

Here are a few pictures from the night!

Over all awesome set and wicked cool guys.

To hear them check this out:

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is what I want to do...just scream. Doubt it would change much but seems like it would feel sooo good.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


(Jed his great-great-grandfather at Grampa Cormier's Mass, December 2006)

Marco Ricci, 92, of 7 Lincoln Street and formerly of Leicester, Brookfield and Worcester, died Friday, Feb. 29, in the Meadows of Leicester, surrounded by his loving family, after an illness.

His wife of 54 years Irene P. (Hebert) Ricci died in 1998. He leaves a daughter, Therese M. Sauro with whom he lived; a son, Francis H. Cormier of Leicester; a daughter, Pauline R. Merhib of Leicester; 20 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, 4 great-great-grandchildren and 2 nephews. He is pre-deceased by brothers Guido and Armando Ricci and a son, Raymond A. Cormier.