Thursday, February 24, 2005

Starting to stress

Well I started to ship things to Cali today. I packed up three more boxes tonight that I'll send out tomorrow. This week has been kind of rough...its all becoming a reality instead of just a dream. So many things running threw my head right now. I guess the major thing is "am I good enough for this?". You know how people dream of something and everyone around them always encourages them and says they are really good, but a lot of time its just because its family and friends so they kind of have to say those things...and in reality when they are put to the test they aren't that great. I don't know, just stressed and worried I guess. I know there is so much I have to learn and well the place to do that would be college, right?

I hope to order one of my lenses this weekend, I'll probably just have that shipped out to my sis to so that's one less thing I have to try and pack. Dad is going to order my camera this weekend, I'm so excited!! I can't wait to get it and actually learn to use it. I used to swear up and down that I would never do two things, one use/own a Cannon camera and two use/own a digital camera, well I lied. I had got a digital camera that was a Cannon for my trip to China, and now the required cameras for school are either Nikon or Cannon, and all digital...I chose a Nikon(D70 to be exact)!

I can't wait for tomorrow night, I get to hang out with Dianne. I feel like I haven't seen her in ages but its really only been since Christmas Eve. Then on sat I get to go to her gymnastics meet for the first time. She's been doing this since I can remember and I haven't been to a meet, nice cousin I am huh? Guess I should get my stuff ready for the weekend.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I hate packing...

I hate packing. I haven't started yet because I still have a little bit of time but also I need to go threw all my things to see what I want to take with me and what I want to ship. So I figured I would start with clothes (probably not the thing to start with because its what I will need the most...but its what's in my room). But yesterday I got rid of four boxes and a bag of clothes, books and other things. There are other things down stairs that I need to go threw, which I'll probably start doing tomorrow. I'll have to start putting aside what I'm going to ship out to California and figure out when I can actually afford to do so.

I talked to my sis tonight for quite a while. I'm so excited to see and hang out with her and bro for a while. This time I can actually go to their College and Career group seeing as the past two times I've been out there its been for Thanksgiving.

Oh boy I'm getting excited.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Week End

Well so far so good this weekend.

First thing first, went and got my taxes done!! I've been a bit stressed about being able to afford moving to California, getting an apartment, going to school and having to spend a lot of money on my school supplies! (I definitely didn't pick a cheap major by any means). My dad is buying me my camera and one of the lenses I need, so that knocks off two things from my list!! I have to buy the other lens, the tri-pod, the two memory chips I need etc...but also need to get a lap top. Not just any lap top, it has to be a Mac. I think the last time I used a Mac I was probably about eight years old. So I'm kind of nervous because one, I have noooo idea how to use it and two its wicked expensive. I've been looking online and trying to figure out what I'll need...Basically its going to cost me about $1500.00 and that's with my student discount. I've been praying for a way for me to be able to afford to buy this, pay off my debt before I move and still have enough money to go with...well prayers were answered. I got enough back to buy my laptop and I still have plenty saved in the bank and will have enough to get everything paid off and have money to go with! God is so good.

Second...stepmommy fixed my hair (well I hope so anyway, its not fully dry yet!). We tried to get the black out and bring it back to brown. We'll see how it goes.

Third...(Amanda, this is for you). I love Brooks. I'm extremely excited to go, but a little nervous going back to school full time. I know, I know I'm only 23, but I've also been working full time since I graduated high school and living on my own (for the most part). But its been great taking this next step and getting ready to something I've wanted to do for a while now. It's such a great feeling when the school that you are going to calls you randomly to see if you have any questions, to see if you want to speak with any of the students to get a feel for what its really like, or when they send you cool things in the mail! I got the mail today and there was a planner inside...not just any planner but one designed by Brooks students with their photographs....its absolutely amazing! The photographs are beautiful...I just pray that when I'm there, my pictures will be as beautiful and that I will find my own style and expression.

Fourth...well valentines day is coming up, and yes I am one of those people who doesn't like this holiday. Its not because I don't have someone to spend it with, I didn't like it even when I did. Just find it to be a waste of money for people. But I'm happy to say, my dad got me flowers! What girl doesn't like flowers??

Tomorrow its off to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast! Yummmmm.

Well that is it for now...

Thursday, February 10, 2005


List really aren't my thing, but I have about 8 of them going right about now. I keep loosing the ones I start so then I have to get new ones going.

Here's my list of lists:
1. Questions to ask about the apartment (seeing as I was soooo excited about getting it that I forgot to ask all the important questions!).
2. What to bring with me
3. What out of number two will I need ship
4. What out of number two will I need to pack in my suitcases
5. What to buy before I go (Like suitcases so I can actually pack the things in list number 2).
6. What to get rid of before I leave so It doesn't take up too much room in my dad's place.
7. What extra school supplies will I need to buy once I actually get to Cali.
8. What miscellaneous things I'll have to take care of before I go (like change of address).

Well on a better note, my dad is going to bring me to the airport the day I leave! Seeing as he is working in Providence I figured I would just go to work with him that morning and then at lunch he can bring me to the airport. I know this is going to be really hard for him but if I had a choice of who I wanted to see last as I walk threw the security check it would be him. He's been very supportive and encouraging through all of this. Actually it was him and my sister who encouraged me to even apply to school. Even though its hard for him to show excitement for me during all of this, I know its there, he just shows it in "his own ways".

Ok well now that I'm overwhelmed and stressed out I'm going to go and watch Ray.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2 Months

In exactly two months from today, it will be my last day of work. I'm very excited but nervous at the same time. I'm going to be on the flip-side of what I do now...I'll be a full time student. That's making me nervous. But at least now I know what it is that I want to do with my life and I'm not wasting my parents money. Instead I'm giving up all I know here and the comfort of home, family and friends and moving across country to attend school full time.

Now I just have to figure out what I need to do before I go...what to pack, what to ship out to my sister and brother-in-law and what to leave behind. Oh boy there is a lot to think about right now, I'm getting a little overwhelmed. I'm just happy and thankful for all the support everyone has given me. Also really happy and thankful that Sara and Jay are letting me stay with them for a week or so and helping me move into my apartment! They're the best.

Ok well I'm going to keep my promise to my little sis and watch the rest of Mulan II with her!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Just Starting

In a little over two months from now I will be heading to California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography (BIP) ( I said I would do my best with staying in touch with people on the east coast, so I figured I would do what I did when I was in China and set up one of here it is. I'll do my best with keeping this updated when I'm there and posting pictures for all of you to see...