Thursday, February 09, 2006

Change of opinion

I'm not even sure how long I have had this opinion or what started it but its been pretty stinkin strong for a long time. I have this thing with the military where I automatically think that all of them are jerks (we'll put this in nice terms). Ask anyone who knows me and I'm sure they have heard me say this at least once, "I will never marry anyone in the military" or "I can't stand military guys". I don't know where this anger came from against anyone in the military, but I wish I did. So over the years this has been my pattern of thinking...ALL military guys are jerks. But, lately I have had a slight change of opinion...not ALL military guys are jerks...some still are but not all. I have met some pretty awesome guys that just happen to be in the military, but they aren't your "typical" military foul mouth jerks. It might help that they are Christians...

There has been one guy in the military who I have always looked up to and admired, my cousin Steven. I remember being little and him going to the Gulf War. I was in the fourth grade and my class would write him letters during his time over there and when he returned he came and spoke to our class. I also remember being there when he came home. If I could put into to words the excitement to see him get off that plane and to be standing in front of us, I would. Again he went over for this war and I was there when he returned...still the same amazing man I looked up to when I was younger. I'm not sure what this man ever did for me to be so in awe of him, but I still am to this day. He will always be one of those men in my life that I will have great respect for.

Anyway, went to the guys last football game last night up at DLI. Pretty good stuff, wish I knew about them sooner, would of definitely loved to go to more. It was a great game, but sad to say they lost in the last minute or so! It was way more exciting than this years super bowl!!

Sara's visit went well. I got to spend as much time as I could with her, and she got to see all of her friends out here. The baby shower was awesome... I think she had a really good time.

It was really good for me to have her here and actually be able to talk with her face to face about some things. She's such an awesome woman of God, and truly a blessing to me in so many ways. I'm so thankful that Jason thought of sending her out here. Next time I see her she'll be a I plan on flying out there for the first week of May to spend them with them and Jed! I'm so excited to be an aunt and this little boy is going to be so spoiled!

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