Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Back in August Sara told me that her and Jed were going to visit my mom in Florida and I thought it would be cool to surprise her by going I did. Sara and I had this all planned out for two months. She and Jed were going to fly in earlier, then take my mom to Orlando for some fun at Sea World and I was going to fly in when they were there to surprise her and did we ever! I think she cried for about an hour after I walked in the door. I hadn't seen my mom in almost two years. It was a great week with the three of them. We even got to have a mini family reunion with one of my Aunts (Lisa and her family) and my Uncle (Mark and his family) who both live in Florida too.

You can check out photos on my Flickr page. Don't forget to check out Jed's videos!!

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Nicole Pelletier said...

Hey Jenny -

You look great in these photos! I'm glad you got to see Sara, Jed and your Mom. Sara said she had a great time with you there. Hopefully/maybe see you around Christmas time!

Take Care!

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